The NAdB Responds To Closure of Closed Notice (Image)

The following announcement was posted on the website on Friday (June 14): is closed for business.

Effective June 14, 2019, has officially closed its doors and is no longer in business. This includes licensing, players, and all other services.

Have no fear though, thankfully the team has stepped in to help all small webcasters get licensed and back on the air! They are offering an exclusive special for StreamLicensing clients of 50% off your first month of Live365 Broadcaster services.

Although we had a suspicion that this might happen, we weren’t certain when it would happen.

The NAdB was not affiliated with, but we know that many of our members used their service.

We are considering a plan that would replace (and improve upon) the service that provided. However, we have not moved beyond basic discussions at this time.

Meanwhile, stations left in the lurch by the sudden closure are being offered a 50% discount on one month of streaming service through Live365.

However, according to a message sent out by ASCAP to former Stream Licensing clients, Live365 has not resolved its own issues with ASCAP:

ASCAP now understands that StreamLicensing is referring its customers to Live365. Please be aware that Live365 does not at this time have a final license agreement in place with ASCAP. To avoid continuing uncertainty regarding your service’s licensing status, ASCAP invites you to obtain a license directly from ASCAP. It’s easy and economical.

In addition, those stations that host their own streams or work through other server companies are scrambling to maintain coverage with BMI, ASCAP and SESAC.

One option that several station operators have suggested is PRONETLicensing, which offers an “instantly-legal” player and a discounted $79.95 monthly plan for former customers until December 2019.

We will update our members of any developments as they occur.

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  1. oznorts says:

    They have been continuing to bill their customers and charge their on-file credit cards. They are not responding to emails, phone calls, text messages. I’ve reported them to the BBB and are hoping they refund the money they stole from me.

  1. 19 June 2019

    […] The NAdB responded to the sudden closure of in a post on Monday. (Read it here.) […]


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