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The NAdB responded to the sudden closure of in a post on Monday. (Read it here.)

Today, ASCAP – one of the “big three” music rights organizations in the United States, along with BMI and SESAC – sent the following email out to former clients:

Recently, ASCAP learned that the service has shut down. We are writing to inform all StreamLicensing Broadcast affiliates that the owners and operators of the StreamLicensing service have not been transparent with its customers, at least insofar as StreamLicensing’s dealings with ASCAP are concerned. Because ASCAP is no longer constrained by any confidentiality obligations, we are now writing to provide that transparency, and to offer you the opportunity to obtain a license directly from ASCAP.


ASCAP terminated StreamLicensing’s ASCAP license on July 1, 2017 for breach and default and the service has not been licensed by ASCAP since that date. In other words, despite several statements to the contrary made by StreamLicensing’s owners and operators, StreamLicensing has not “covered” its Broadcast Affiliates’ performances of ASCAP’s members’ music since that date. It has not paid any fees to ASCAP — on behalf of its Broadcast Affiliates or otherwise — for the period from Q4 2016 through June 14, 2019, the date on which it purportedly shut down its business.

After terminating StreamLicensing’s ASCAP license, ASCAP commenced an arbitration proceeding against StreamLicensing and ultimately obtained a substantial financial judgment against the service. Even after entry of the judgment, ASCAP gave StreamLicensing ample opportunity to “do the right thing” — to pay to ASCAP the fees that it should have remitted on behalf of you, its Broadcast Affiliates. It chose not to do so.

ASCAP now understands that StreamLicensing is referring its customers to Live365. Please be aware that Live365 does not at this time have a final license agreement in place with ASCAP. To avoid continuing uncertainty regarding your service’s licensing status, ASCAP invites you to obtain a license directly from ASCAP. It’s easy and economical.

To obtain an ASCAP license, simply go to our website from any PC, tablet or smartphone and follow the steps required to finalize your new ASCAP agreement. Please note that you will need to pay for your new ASCAP license with a major credit card.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (212) 621-5698 or


ASCAP – New Media Licensing


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