NAdB Vendor Membership

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Does your company provide products or services for Internet radio stations, such as automation software, audio stream and/or website hosting, broadcasting equipment (including microphones, mixing consoles, headphones and encoders), advertising/revenue opportunities, or programming sources?

If your answer is yes, we hope you’ll consider joining the National Association of Digital Broadcasters (NAdB) as a Vendor Member. Our low $600 annual vendor membership fee includes the following benefits:

Feature page on our website describing your company and its key products and services*

Up to four feature articles highlighting new (or featured) product offerings, sales, or exclusive offers for NAdB members*

Your logo and direct link to your website in our main sidebar (that’s the column on the right side of this page, if you’re on a full-size screen)

Your company listing (with logo, link, product types and contact info) in our membership directory

Insert sheet included in all NAdB New Member Packets**

Your company’s information on our website reaches our membership of more than 5,000 online radio stations, which is growing every day, along with thousands of other broadcasters — both online and on the air — looking for your product!


Need more information? Contact us now! (Please be sure to select “Vendor Membership Inquiry” as the subject of your message.)



* — We rely on our vendor members to provide us with press releases, logos, photographs and other materials for our articles, features and listings, which are subject to editing (with your approval, of course).

** — If you already have a printed product sheet, flyer or brochure that you want to be included in NAdB New Member Packets, we currently require our vendor members to provide us with a minimum of 1,500 copies. (We expect to send out more than 3,000 packets this year.) If you do not currently have marketing materials of this type, our staff will work with you to design a one-page flyer at no additional charge.


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