Can’t Get Your Station On TuneIn? Here Are Some Alternatives…

By now, you probably know that it’s official: TuneIn, one of the largest and most popular radio station directories, has stopped taking new listings from independent digital-only stations — unless yours is large, popular, and has the potential to drive revenue for them.

There’s some good news, if your station is already on TuneIn: you can still maintain and update your listing, which is always a smart idea. (You can keep it fresh on TuneIn by clicking here.)

If you missed out on getting your station listed on TuneIn, our friends at offer a list of five alternatives to TuneIn — and our advice is to jump on it immediately. You never know when one of these resources will be acquired by a larger company and it, too, decides to lock out smaller, independent webcasters.

Here’s a direct link to the article:

In addition, we also suggest getting your station listed on Remember: the more directories your radio station is listed on, the more listeners you’re able to attract.

Do you know of any other directories that are accepting independent radio station listings? Please let us know! (Scroll down a bit farther on this page for the comment field.)


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