Comrex OPAL Offers Smart Streaming Solution

Comrex Opal Encoder (Photo)

Do you include guests on your station’s programs? Do you regularly present programs with a co-host, or hosts that aren’t in the same location?

If so, you may want to take a look (and a listen) to the Comrex OPAL IP Audio Gateway.

Expert guests (like entertainers, political pundits, athletes, and others) don’t always have access to engineers. They need something as simple to use and familiar as a phone call. But that doesn’t mean a radio program should settle for phone quality audio.

Opus is a ubiquitous encoder that is built into browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Opus transmits high-fidelity, low delay audio in both directions. It uses very little network bandwidth, so it’s highly reliable.

Opal works by activating the Opus encoder built into commonly-used browsers. As a result, Opal can connect to any computer or Android device with one of those browsers installed. All a remote guest needs to transmit audio is a browser and a microphone.


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