Adding Your Station To The TuneIn App

EDITOR’S NOTE: We understand that TuneIn is not currently accepting new station listings. We are working with TuneIn to allow NAdB member stations to register. Stay tuned for updates.

TuneIn Internet Radio (Logo)

If your Internet radio station isn’t on the TuneIn app yet … what are you waiting for?

TuneIn is among the most popular on-the-go radio apps out there — if not the most popular. With 120,000 radio stations in its directory, including the BBC, CNN, Bloomberg Radio and NFL, NBA and MLB play-by-play, TuneIn boasts an eye (and ear) popping 7.5-million listeners in 230 countries around the world.

TuneIn is a fast, easy and free way to get your station out there in front of a huge potential audience. Listeners using TuneIn can listen on their standalone app, as well as on Mac, PC, Sonos, Roku, Bose SoundTouch, Xbox One and Amazon Echo, among countless other devices.

For your station’s website, TuneIn offers a built-in player and a handy “Follow” button to help you engage with listeners.

Click here to add your station to the TuneIn directory. It’s 100% free, and don’t forget to include your station’s callsign in your listing!



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