To Do List: Secure Your Website

Going through the websites of several new members over the past few days, and noticed that a couple of them immediately trigger an instant “This Site Is Not Secure” warning, or something similar.

Secure website SSL message (Image)

Consider yourself warned…

You may not be taking orders on your website, or even collecting email addresses for newsletter subscriptions, but that’s no excuse for making a potential listener wary of visiting your website.

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate tells the world at large that your website has received a third-party virtual endorsement confirming that it’s safe to visit. (Of course, if you have malware or some other hinky virus-inducing code on your website, that’s going to cause an entirely different set of problems for you.)

An SSL certificate is not expensive – if your website is hosted by, the annual fee for an SSL cert is less than $7. offers an even cheaper deal – charging only $3.98 a year for a Fast SSL certificate.

If you don’t have a website, but stream through Live365 or, then you are automatically covered by their own SSL certificate. Of course, that leads to the question: why don’t you have a website for your radio station?

Regardless of who your hosting company is, spend ten minutes on their website to make sure your website is secure.

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