BV Mobile Offers Amazon Alexa Skills Deal

BV Mobile Apps, an official industry partner of the National Association of Digital Broadcasters, is currently offering a $50 discount on Amazon Alexa skills development for your station.

Right now, 40-million people use Amazon Alexa every day, and all they have to do is say “Alexa, play [your station’s name]” and – boom! – your station starts playing … if the skill is enabled for your station.

For station owner-operators who have the Alexa skill enabled, you already know how easy it is for listeners to instantly access your station. For those who don’t – this is the perfect opportunity to get it going!

Getting set up on Alexa is a quick, no-hassle process – provide your station’s name, your streaming URL, and your logo, and BV Mobile Apps will do the rest for you.

Here’s the link: Amazon Alexa Skill | BV Mobile Apps. (The discount runs through the end of February 2024.)

(And tell ’em you heard about it from the NAdB!)

BV Mobile Apps Amazon Alexa Skill (Image)



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